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Overview Shimʿon ʿAḳivah Ber Ben-Yosefexternal ; Shimʿon ʿAḳivah Ber Ben-Yosefexternal : Eyn shin naya seyfer ... niḳra Maʿaseh H., Frankfurt, Oder, 1707


Type:Print (Multiple Volumes)
Main title:Eyn shin naya seyfer ... niḳra Mayśeh H. : den eś ṿern drinen der tsilṭ den Goṭ den Almekhṭigin seyni grośi nisim ṿoz er hoṭ giṭon dorkh di talmide ḥakhomim az R. Shimʿon ben Yoḥaʾi un' zeyn shṿer R. Pinḥas ben Yaʾir un' akh mayśim fun R. Itsiḳ Luria un' zeyn talmid R. Ḥayim Ṿiṭal ...
Heading title:Eyn shin naya seyfer ... niḳra Maʿaseh H.
Author information:[Simon Akiba Baer ben Josef]
Information about the print or the handwriting
Information about the inventory
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):835377261
VD18:VD18 90450477