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Overview Polz, Christian Friedrich (* 1714 † 1782) external : Disputationes Philosophicae Logicam et Metaphysicam spectantes, Jena, 1767


Type:Print (one work within one volume)
Main title:Christiani Friderici Polzii Log. et Metaph. Prof. Publ. Ordin. Dispvtationes Philosophicae Logicam et Metaphysicam spectantes : cum vna exegetica, quas ex suis collegit, auxit, emendauit, iisque ob raritatem et materiae connexionem adiecit Gvilielmi Leibnitii Disputationem de principio indiuidui
Heading title:Disputationes Philosophicae Logicam et Metaphysicam spectantes
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Technical Data
Source (OPAC):270521054
VD18:VD18 1170196X
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-2bc29c9f-f8e2-4c87-9c94-d76afd0664e18

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