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Overview Orth, Johann Gottfried (* Tuesday, 4. Sep. 1691 † Friday, 13. Nov. 1767) external : Methodus excerpendi Diaria meteorologica, Eisenberg, 1734


Type:Print (Multiple Volumes)
Main title:Iohannis Meteorophili Methodus excerpendi Diaria Meteorologica : cuius ope per Septem Annorum decursum institutae Observationes Tempestatis sub eleu. poli 51. gr. 4. min. extantioresque Barometri Revolvtiones Vnica Plagvla exhibentur, praemissa insimul succincta methodi huius explicatione
Heading title:Methodus excerpendi Diaria meteorologica
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Technical Data
Source (OPAC):311356958
VD18:VD18 13133721