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Overview Dommerich, Johann Christoph (* 1723 † 1767) external : Immaturam Mortem Optimae Spei Iuvenis Ioannis Christiani Falckii Wolf [...], Wolfenbüttel, 1751


Type:Print (one work within one volume)
Main title:Immatvram Mortem Optimae. Spei. Ivvenis Ioannis. Christiani Falckii Vvolfenbuttelensis ... Avditoribvs. Svis Pie. Meditandam. Commendat Simvlqve De Morte. Philosophica
Heading title:Immaturam Mortem Optimae Spei Iuvenis Ioannis Christiani Falckii Wolfenbuttelensis ... Auditoribus Suis Pie Meditandam Commendat Simulque De Morte Philosophica
Further heading titles:De Morte Philosophica
Information about the print or the handwriting
Information about the inventory
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):504555561
Link to OPAC (digital edition):1008764574
VD18:VD18 13392972
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-36725158-800b-415e-a682-71196c55afef7