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Aetiologia Chemica Seu Expositio Causarum Sani Et Aegroti Hominis Sec [...]external      
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OverviewAetiologiae Chymicae Dissertatio Septima ... De Similibus Similium De [...], 1757


Type:(Print) Work
Main title:Aetiologiae Chymicae Dissertatio Septima ... De Similibus Similium Deficientium Medicina / Quam Praeside D. Io. Ernesto Hebenstreit Therapiae P. P. Facult. Med. Decano ... Lipsiae D. XIV. Ianuarii MDCCLVII. ... Defendendam Proponit Thōmas Mandakasēs, Kasogianos, ...
Further heading titles:De Similibus Similium Deficientium Medicina
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Technical Data
Source (OPAC):313426279
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-7a9e6c09-9278-49da-9797-0e9f8bcf43c0-00019507-1470