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Geistliche Liederexternal      
Overview Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb (* Sunday, 2. Jul. 1724 † Monday, 14. Mar. 1803) external : Theil 2 : Geistliche Lieder, Reutlingen, 1795


Type:Volume (part of multiple volumes)
Overalltitle:Geistliche Lieder
Volume statement:Theil 2
Information about the print or the handwriting
Count (by original item):Zweiter Theil
Volume count:Theil 2
Information about the inventory
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):325755477
Link to OPAC (digital edition):1012256855
VD18:VD18 90503953
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-d48d2466-c45e-4b2f-be6b-ea8591e455903