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Overview Koecher, Johann Christoph (* Thursday, 23. Apr. 1699 † Monday, 21. Sep. 1772) external : Programma De Philologia Subsidio Studii Theologici Vehementer Utili A [...], Brunsvigae, 1746


Type:Print (one work within one volume)
Main title:Programma De Philologia Subsidio Studii Theologici Vehementer Utili Ac Necessario Actui Solemni Quo ... Ioannes Henricus Blanke Illustris Collegii Carolini Professor Publ. Et Gymnasii Martiniani Conrector Die XXII. Decembr. ... Rector Gymnasii Cathariniani Publica Auctoritate Inaugurabitur : [P. P. Brunswigae die XXI. Decembr. A. O. R. MDCCXLVI.]
Information about the print or the handwriting
Place of Printing (german): Braunschweig
Information about the inventory
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):317688952
Link to OPAC (digital edition):1012754871
VD18:VD18 13162438
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-dfc547ce-846a-45ee-ade6-25754ddad75d9