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Hist. fol. 519 :09 - Kartensammlung der Stiftsbibliothek zu Zeitz, Bd. 09, Sign.: Hist. fo [...]external      
OverviewBl. 8 : Ducatus, Electorat[us] et Principat[us] Ducum Saxoniae : prou [...], Norib.//Nürnberg, 1731


Type:enthaltene Karte
Main title:Bl. 8 : Ducatus, Electorat[us] et Principat[us] Ducum Saxoniae : prout illorum conditio hodierna est ; Tab. I. ; Cum Privil. Caes. & Reg. Polon. Mai. / Geographice consignati per Phil. Henr. et Frid. Zollmann. In lucem prolati ab Homannianis Heredibus
Further heading titles:Ducatus, Electorat. et Principat. Ducum Saxoniae
Information about the print or the handwriting
Coordinates:52° 15' 0 N, 10° 0' 0 E (Northermost Point (west))
50° 0' 0 N, 15° 30' 0 E (Southernmost Point (east))
Information about the inventory
Inventory:Zeitz » Stiftsbibliothek » Historische Stiftsbibliothek
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):100221165
Link to OPAC (digital edition):100582206
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-95955e9f-55fe-4cd6-8615-b78bc04a38f04-00002282-0287