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Sammelband Theol. Fol. 265-266 aexternal      
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OverviewACTA ET DE=||CRETA SYNODI DIOECESA-||nae Mogunt. praesidente Reuerend [...], Mainz, 1548


Type:(Print) Work
Main title:ACTA ET DE=||CRETA SYNODI DIOECESA-||nae Mogunt. praesidente Reuerendißimo in Christo Pa-||tre, et Ampliß. Principe, Domino D. Sebastiano, Ar-||chiepiscopo Moguntino, Sacri Rom. Imperij per Ger-||maniam Archicancellario, et Principe Electo-||re, etc. celebratae decima nona die Nouem-||bris, Anno M.D.XLVIII.||
Further heading titles:Acta et decreta synodi dioecesanae Moguntiae
Information about the print or the handwriting
Information about the inventory
Inventory:Zeitz » Stiftsbibliothek » Historische Stiftsbibliothek » Sammlung Bischof Julius von Pflug
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):568107152