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ThHStAW, EGA, Reg. Ii 4 Bd. II - Visitation im Amt Roda - Seiten 327r-343vexternal      
Seite 337r

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Place of interest (GND): Renthendorf (Renttendorf, Rentendorf)
Place of interest (GND): Kleinebersdorf (Saale-Holzland-Kreis) (Ebersdorf)
Place of interest (GND): Hellborn (Helbrun)
Place of interest (GND): Schwarzbach (Landkreis Greiz) (Schwartzbach, Swartzbach)
Historic name of the place of interest: Sternsdorf
Place of interest (GND): Burkersdorf (Triptis) (Borgsdorf, Burgksdorf)