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Overview Misler, Johann Nicolaus (* 1614 † Saturday, 20. Feb. 1683) external : Theandrologia Sacra Sive Brevis Et Perspicua Dilucidatio Loci De Pers [...], Gießen, 1659


Type:Print (one work within one volume)
Main title:Theandrologia Sacra Sive Brevis Et Perspicua Dilucidatio Loci De Persona Et Officio Christi ...
Author information:Moderatore ... Dn. Joh. Nicolao Mislero ... Publicae collationi submittenda A Respondente M. Bernhardo Dresingk Hervordia-Westphalo, Die 24. Novembris, Anni 1659.
Information about the print or the handwriting
Information about the inventory
Inventory:Forschungsbibliothek Gotha » Drucke des 17. Jahrhunderts
Technical Data
Source (OPAC):091918286
URN (Derivate):urn:nbn:de:urmel-58caf1f1-020c-4447-b60d-b84825c441707