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Christian Egenolff Erben
InformationChristian Egenolff Erben
Name:Christian Egenolff Erben
Alternative Names:
  • Christ. Egen Erben
  • Hær. Chr. Egen.
  • Hæredes Chri. Egen.
  • Hæred. Chri. Egenolphus
  • Haeredes Christiani Egenolphi
  • Christian Egenolphs Erben
  • Christianus Egenolphus Erben
  • Christianus Egenolphus Haeredes
  • Christian Egenolph Erben
  • Adam Lonicer
  • Adamus Lonicerus
  • Johannes Cnipius Andronicus
  • Joannes Cnipius Andronicus
  • Joannes Cnipius Vidua
  • Johannes Cnipius Witwe
  • Barbara Cnipius
  • Paul Steinmeyer
  • Paulus Steinmeyer
  • Paulus Steinmeyer
  • Paul Steinmeyer Witwe
  • Maria Steinmeyer
  • Christian Egenolff Erben
Location (GND): Frankfurt am Main
PPN :731459628